Soul Her Power: Writing Untethered

ExoticBeauty-GraphicsFairyThere is a new woman out there. She is not physically young or old. She may be a native to this city or a transplant, but she is fresh into the light. Take note: Women are finding their soul essences. These characteristics are not the messages worn on T-shirts, nor are they the bumper stickers on the back of a car. What’s emerging is more subtle and deceptively powerful.

For whatever reason, part of the growing effort to live authentically includes evaluating one’s spiritual practices. Many moms in their thirties are checking back in with their roots. Was your family Episcopalian, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian Scientist, Jewish? Maybe you were raised in a family who didn’t practice a religion. Ah, but that does not mean you are without spirit. Something rises inside, and you find yourself investigating, going off the beaten path of your ancestors. There are signs of this awakened woman everywhere, and this page is where I will be collecting examples of her.

In this modern age, Sister Cristina Scuccia, a 25-year-old member of the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family brings people to God via her voice on The Voice. Yes, this clip is in Italian, but you don’t need to understand every word to enjoy it. In fact, everything is clear.




Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche – Featured in the book Dakini Power by Michaela Haas

Sivan Garr Presents – You Are Beautiful – 1-16-14.

Sivan’s video may seem simple, and even redundant, but something happens if you give yourself over to the experience. Forget that you don’t know these people. Forget there is anything between you and the contributors, and you’ll find yourself affected for the better. What’s interesting is that you don’t hear the first “you are beautiful,” You may not even hear the sixth or seventh. Ask yourself why. Then, pass it on!

Spacedrum by Yuki Koshimoto

The next video is not a woman, but it is something to think about the next time you make offerings to nature. Nature isn’t about rationing. Nature is about survival. This man in India is feeding monkeys to honor a Hindu god named Hanuman. You might be honoring blue birds. However we pay tribute, we shall be blessed. Not by the recipients though. Be careful out there. You don’t want to lose an eye over a Nutter Butter.


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