Alone On the Path

IMG_0058Surround yourself with the energy of your favorite nature trail, and see that the life around you is not longing for love. See that it is not saturated with emotion. The din of the forest is one of color and tone. Sit in quiet and imagine yourself spreading out in a big circle. You’re mingling with peace. You’re mingling with every branch and leaf. The endeavors of roots and uncurling ferns proceed without a text, an email, or the call of next entry on the to-do list. Now, pull yourself back to your heart. Your endocrine system is vitalized. There is a gladness to your glands, even the pineal which functions as your connection with the unseen.



Photographing Plants

I find great comfort from photographing plants. They aren’t worried. They aren’t trying. They don’t have 401K’s or donate to 501 3C’s. Plants are blissed out, and I can feel their energy – when I make the time. It’s a coolness moving up the arm, a shift on a cellular level. Photographing them fills me with their peace and tells me a lot about their personalities. Don’t think they have them? Take a look.

IMG_4310 IMG_4296