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I was born in Delaware, and I am a product of the University of Delaware, a nice school near the Deer Park Tavern. After college I moved to Atlanta where I shoved my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree beneath a homeless man sleeping in Centennial Park. I volunteered at shopping center dog adoptions and watched a poor South African gentleman squirm as the two leashed shelter dogs in his hands made passionate love outside a Winn Dixie. I painted a naked character named Lyla Jane for many years. She was all about having a healthy body image, you could find her at places like the Candler Park Fall Festival and Donna Van Gogh’s Artist Market.

My husband and I moved to Savannah in 2001, and that same year I began working at an independent garden center. My garden column Thicket to Paradise was published in the Savannah Morning News, and in 2009 – after the birth of my son – that was replaced with my current column Rattled.



225028_1044612069594_3600145_n 2


IMG_0010I am a journalist, wife, mother, photographer, gardener, landscape consultant and blossoming spirit medium. I think the best motivation is from the heart, and the best compass is the soul. When I follow mine, they generally lead me to good people, gardens full of bees, and my favorite pan filled with heated olive oil.




8 thoughts on “Bio and Contact Info

  1. Hi Christine,

    I thought I’d check out your website after you told me you’re writing about the ghost bars in Savannah. What do you know? I’m a wordpress blogger, too! So glad to find you.


  2. So Clayton Osbon was a “Flight Standards” Captain for JetBlue? LOL…life truly is stranger than fiction….good interview though…:)

  3. I also remember the winding road at Smalley’s and the running stream just above the back entrance to the Taylors’ property. I used to wash my car there and actually drink the cold spring water that flowed freely via the culvert pipe under the road. As a young man it was an area that, pre 16, we camped, fished and ice skated in the Winter….later it became a haven for ‘parking’ with your date. It used to be that the on Sundays the roadway would be packed with ‘visitors’ from Wilmington, out for a day of swimming at the base of the dam or fishing further down the Christiana. Actually, my parents would meet there as young lovers imagining a future life being married!! Oh well, all things pass. fjt

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words….. I really do appreciate it.
    I wrote the book for the kids and grandkids so they could know their father and grandpa…
    I had forgotten how weird my mind is but Martha and the rest constantly remind me of it.
    Hopefully someday we will meet again but we had better hurry as I am an old foggie (?)
    Again, thank you
    James Caskey

  5. Dear Christine I am looking for some one to write a small introduction for me. I am not a very good writer. I am a nurse in Savannah. Please contact me, I would like to know if you can help me. It is a small job. Thank you Charmane West

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