Do Hot Wheels Have Snow Tires?


Traffic is picking up on the front walkway in anticipation of Savannah’s big snow. “Getting to the mailbox where a black widow egg sack threatens this household’s chances of winning the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes will be unlikely,” says a plastic man from China. Other drivers prefer to be optimistic and point to the bathtub tsunami of 2011 as an example of what they can overcome. “We’re bigger than Suave,” another driver shouts out the window of his rat rod, “Remember that, and we’ll be alright.”

But snow isn’t suds, and a Savannah snow raises concerns that residents will turn to what they know best to cope with this uncommon winter weather. “Our fear is that residents will actually try to shoot the snow off their driveways and sidewalks,” says a source close to Savannah’s police department. “If that happens, we’re going to have a real problem on our hands.”

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