Your Connections: Not the Same Without You

Lots of us have made vows to eat better and get more exercise, but have you checked in with your connections of late? It’s really easy to make them, especially with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest. We check in with people on the other side of the globe on an hourly basis sometimes, and we are reminded by profile photos how well we’re liked. We are spread far and wide, and the cords that grow over continent and cloud are tugging at our energy. Energy follows thought after all.


Maybe the vow, this year, should not be to shrink your thighs but to grow your heart. Cultivate relationships with higher thread counts, and send them to the cleaners every once in a while. Be present in your friendships, and know that you are creating whether mindless or not. Your you-ness grows beyond your fingertips and toes even as your monkey mind caries you to twenty other places, even as the connections on the back burners boil over or chill with indifference.

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